Oregano Essential Oil


100% Concentration of Wild Mountain Oregano Essential Oil
Over 88% active ingredient content Carvacrol
Extracted by steam distillation method
Therapeutically grade product
Laboratory tested
Suitable for aromatherapy, massage and inhalation

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action; natural antibiotic and antiseptic
Strong, herbaceous aroma

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Oregano Essential Oil Ingredients

100% Oregano oil (Origanum minutiflorum)

* Always consult a health professional before use. Do not use if hypersensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients!

Recommended use

Use 1-3 drops of Oregano oil diluted in carrier oil.

Important!!! The essential oils are highly concentrated. When using Oregano essential oil, it should always be diluted with a suitable carrier oil.

You can find our laboratory results here:

Cannadoca Oregano Essential Oil is tested in an independent laboratory for active ingredients, concentration and quality.

Oregano leaves

Product Description

Oregano has been used not only as a culinary spice since the ancient Greeks, but also as a herb with outstanding medicinal properties. Oregano essential oil contains two key active ingredients, Carvacrol and Thymol, which studies have shown to have powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is often used in topical blends or diffusers.
100% guaranteed concentration, purity, quality and natural origin of Oregano Essential Oil / Origanum Minutiflorum / by Cannadoca. No artificial additives.

Oregano Essential Oil - 100% Pure Origanum minutiflorum Oil

What is Oregano Oil?

Like many herbs, oregano has a long history that can be traced back thousands of years. The first records date back to 3000 BC when it was used by the Assyrians. In Greek and Roman times, oregano was one of the most widely used herbs for health and medicinal purposes.

Hippocrates, known as the “father of Western medicine”, also contributed to the popularisation of this herb. He regularly used oregano to protect against respiratory and gastrointestinal problems and was one of the first to recognise its antiseptic properties. The range of benefits and uses of oregano is very wide.

Carvacrol is one of the most valuable constituents of Oregano oil and is responsible for its key properties. This phenol has potent antimicrobial activity against a wide range of bacteria, fungal infections and parasites.

How to use Oregano oil?

Respiratory health: Oregano essential oil can be used to relieve respiratory problems. Inhaling steam with 2 drops of Oregano oil in water can help clear nasal congestion and make breathing easier. It is recommended that the maximum duration of direct inhalation does not exceed 15 minutes.

Massage: Mix 1 drop of natural Oregano oil with 10 drops of carrier oil and massage gently into the neck, shoulders and back to relieve pain and ease stiffness.

Natural repellent: Rubbing diluted Oregano essential oil into the skin can repel mosquitoes and ticks.

Healthy scalp care: Add a few drops to your shampoo for healthy hair and scalp.

Diffuser: A few drops of Oregano essential oil will purify and freshen the air in a room.

Regular external use of Oregano oil has been shown to improve psoriasis and eczema.
It combines well with Peppermint oil.

Important!!! All essential oils can be used for external application if diluted in vegetable oil or other suitable base.

Benefits of Oregano Essential Oil:

Oregano oil may have the following benefits:

Powerful anti-inflammatory
Antimicrobial – thanks to its active ingredient Carvacrol, Oregano oil fights viruses, microbes, parasites and fungal and bacterial infections
Antioxidant – protects cells from free radical damage, contributes to general wellbeing and slows down the ageing process
Digestive and respiratory benefits
Beneficial properties for boosting the immune system

Relieves pain and inflammation associated with joint problems
Soothes coughs
Benefits oral health

Cannadoca quality guarantee:

Like all other Cannadoca products, our organic Oregano Oil is tested in an independent laboratory to ensure the highest quality, purity and concentration.

100% pure and natural.

Important!!! Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing.

Important!!! Essential oils are highly concentrated. When using Oregano oil, it should always be diluted with a suitable base oil (e.g. Coconut oil or jojoba).

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* Keep out of the reach of children. Oregano Essential Oil is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition.

* Always dilute with suitable carrier oil before use since it is highly concentrated. As with any essential oil, it is important to do a patch test before using topically.

* Use the dropper to extract required amount.

Oregano Essential Oil - 100% Pure Origanum minutiflorum Oil