Frankincense Essential Oil


100% concentration of Indian Frankincense Essential Oil
Extracted by steam distillation method
Organically pure product
Laboratory tested
Suitable for aromatherapy, massage, inhalation as well as hair and body care formulations
Woody aroma
Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving
Natural antidepressant

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Frankincense Essential Oil Ingredients

100% Indian Frankincense Oil (Boswellia Serrata)

* Always consult a health professional before use. Do not use if hypersensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients!

Recommended use

Use 1-3 drops of Frankincense oil diluted in carrier oil.

Important!!! The essential oils are highly concentrated. When using Frankincense essential oil, it should always be diluted with a suitable carrier oil.

You can find our laboratory results here:

Cannadoca Frankincense Essential Oil is tested in an independent laboratory for active ingredients, concentration and quality.


Product Description

Due to its strong anti-inflammatory and cell regenerating properties, our pure Frankincense oil is used to relieve pain and rheumatic conditions. Inhalations with Frankincense oil can make it easier to cough up when you have a cold. The oil is thought to calm a tense mind and aid concentration. It nourishes dry and mature skin.
100% guaranteed concentration, purity, quality and origin of Indian Frankincense Essential Oil / Boswellia Serrata / from Cannadoca. No artificial additives.

Frankincense Essential Oil - 100% Pure Boswellia Serrata Oil

What is Boswellia Serrata?

The Boswellia serrata tree is found primarily in the arid and hilly regions of India. It also grows in other parts of Asia and Africa where the climate is suitable for its growth.

Boswellia serrata has been used for many years in folk medicine and Ayurveda. It is used to treat a wide range of health problems including inflammatory conditions, joint problems, osteoporosis and respiratory disorders. Beneficial effects have also been observed in chronic and ulcerative colitis, as well as Crohn’s disease. Frankincense oil is widely used in aromatherapy and is known to promote a sense of well-being, peace and harmony.

Several research groups have found that Frankincense has promising anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects when tested in lab studies.

The resin from the tree is used in the essential oil. It is extracted by cutting the bark into strips and allowing the resin to drain and harden. Boswellia serrata Frankincense oil is obtained by steam distillation of the resin.

How to use Frankincense oil?

Skin care: Acts as an antiseptic to heal wounds, promotes skin elasticity and supports cell regeneration. There are many ways to use Frankincense essential oil for the skin.

Massage: Mix a few drops of Indian frankincense oil with a base oil and massage gently to relax and loosen muscles and relieve joint pain.
Combined with Peppermint essential oil it is effective for headaches. Mix a few drops of both essential oils with a base oil and massage gently over the temples.

Bath: Add a few drops of Frankincense essential oil to the bath water to get rid of the tiredness of a hard day.

Home cosmetics: Use Indian Frankincense oil to make your own candles, soaps, perfumes, even toothpaste and natural deodorizer.

Aromatherapy: A few drops of Indian Frankincense oil will calm the mind and reduce anxiety. You may combine Frankincense and Myrrh Essential oils for aromatherapy.

Respiratory health: Boswellia serrata Frankincense oil can be used to relieve respiratory problems. Inhaling steam with a few drops of Indian Frankincense in water can help clear nasal congestion and make breathing easier. It is recommended that the maximum duration of direct inhalation is no more than 15 minutes.

Benefits of Indian Frankincense Oil:

Frankincense oil may have the following benefits:

Strengthens the immune system
Antimicrobial and antiviral action
Relaxing and calming
Beneficial for gynaecological and reproductive problems and for regulating regular cycles
May help with pain and inflammation

Cannadoca quality guarantee:

Like all other Cannadoca products, our organic Frankincense Oil is tested in an independent laboratory to ensure the highest quality, purity and concentration.
Frankincense serrata essential oil contains Boswellic acid.

Our Frankincense oil is free of preservatives.

Important!!! Essential oils are highly concentrated and should never be used undiluted. When using Indian Frankincense Essential Oil, it should be diluted with a suitable base carrier oil such as MCT Oil or Jojoba Oil.

Important!!! Frankincense oil is a blood thinner, so people with bleeding problems should consult a specialist.

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* Keep out of the reach of children. Frankincense Essential Oil is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition.

* Always dilute with suitable carrier oil before use since it is highly concentrated. As with any essential oil, it is important to do a patch test before using topically.

* Use the dropper to extract required amount.

Frankincense Essential Oil - 100% Pure Boswellia Serrata Oil