Laboratory results and reports


Cannadoca strict control and testing

In addition to our in-house lab, where we test all flowers, soil and extracts on a weekly basis, all Cannadoca products are sent to an independent laboratory for confirmation.

We take this step to ensure that all products contain the exact amount of CBD that is on the label.

As already mentioned, we do not compromise on quality. From choosing the right atmospheric conditions and fields, through sowing and growing to the final product, the entire process is constantly monitored and controlled.


That's why we choose to work with Fundación Canna as a third-party independent lab.

In our opinion Fundación Canna is the most qualified and reliable lab for cannabinoids in Europe, as well as one of the leading labs in the world. In this way, we like you, can be sure of the quality of the final product.
That is why our team unanimously decided to introduce from day one, the so-called “CANNADOCA 360° Approach“. With this approach we move to the next level in terms of testing products and ingredients, covering the entire range of research without any concession.
In addition to the standard cannabinoid reports, we test our products for terpenes, heavy metals, microbiology and pesticides. In fact, in doing so, we repeat all the analyzes we do internally once again.

If you are interested and want to read our internal reports, send an email to us.

In order to avoid making this section too complicated and overloaded, we decided to publish only the official independent reports and results of Fundación Canna.

Fundacion Canna Laboratory Reports and Results


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