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Terpenes were once thought to deliver nothing more than an enticing aroma to thousands of plants, from cannabis to conifers and lavender to lilacs. Within the past couple of decades, however, researchers have learned that terpenes offer medical benefits to all mammals that rival those of their chemical cousins the cannabinoids.

CBD oil has been researched for its possible powers in relieving and perhaps eliminating altogether the symptoms of a variety of common health problems. It can help so many people with chronic conditions that make their life harder on a daily basis including depression, anxiety, and acne.

Our mental and physical health rely on a number of complex systems in order to achieve balance. Most of these systems span our entire body.

Full Spectrum CBD oil, CBD Isolate and Broad Spectrum CBD oil are three common labels that have important differences.
How do you know which CBD product is right for you?

A lot of people have trouble differentiating between cannabis, marijuana, and hemp. It can be confusing to find where CBD fits in this realm. Well, hemp and marijuana are the two main species of Cannabis sativa.

At Cannadoca, we always strive to offer our clients products with exceptional quality and traceability, with respect to ingredients, naturalness, potency, taste, storage life and other important criteria that should comply with our highest quality standards.

Coconut oil naturally excels as a carrier oil in a number of categories. It has little or no flavor, making it a great choice to make tinctures. Additionally, it is thinner than most oils, making it easy to dispense and measure.

One of the ways to bring the CBD in your body is by using carrier oil. CBD as you already know, is a fat soluble molecule. In nature, there are plenty of crops, vegetables and fruits rich in fats. A lot of them are used as carrier oils for different tinctures, extracts, cosmetics etc.