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Cannadoca Give Back Program


Working with patient organizations

We are always open to work with patient organizations across Europe providing them our Give Back support program. Our team is very much aware of the permanent struggle to find the right product that can offer consistent quality and traceability.

Working with non-profit and charity organizations

We understand how difficult it can be for smaller organizations to help their members. Right now, we only accept requests from organizations registered in the EU.

The main focus and highest priority of Cannadoca Support Program are:

Children organizations / Elderly people and organizations

WHY only children and elderly people?

Because WE BELIEVE they are the most vulnerable members of our society and WE BELIEVE in standing next to them…..supporting them and providing free and easy access to the natural products they need to improve their quality of life.

At Cannadoca

WE BELIEVE our grandparents deserve the best

We only work with official registered organizations with appropriate certifications. For more details, please contact us.

Give Back Program Requirements, Terms and Conditions:

To apply, please contact us. We are currently receiving a high volume of requests and our dedicated Cannadoca team are getting very busy. Give us 14 days to review your application and respond.
Our GIVE BACK program is long-term so, it is ONLY dedicated to low income households. For specific cases, the GIVE BACK program will offer 50% discount on all products.
For patient organizations, the contact with Cannadoca should be via email indicating the organization to reply.
Cannadoca will not provide any type of financing to individuals or families benefiting from the GIVE BACK Program. None of the products purchased through the Support Program under any circumstances can be resold at a price or for profit. This program is for those who really need help. Anyone who abuses this program will have their discounts canceled and will be permanently banned from the program immediately.

WE BELIEVE people’s stories and personal experience are the most powerful messenger in our society. That`s why our team will be very happy to get your feedback and personal story and experience. Only under a strict consent from you, we will use the information to educate others on the benefits of CBD and its potential.

Please, contact us before applying to ensure you qualify for the program